Speakers and Participants

With the presence of esteemed teachers, scholars, researchers, experts, leaders and practitioners from various spiritual traditions at the conference, the conference promises to offer a rich and diverse range of knowledge to deepen the understanding of spirituality and its transformative potential.

As each individual, rooted in their respective paths, are known to provide invaluable experiential knowledge and insights into the transformative power of spirituality, their presence will add a practical dimension to the discussions, allowing for a holistic exploration of the subject matter.

The conference also aims to create a dynamic and inclusive environment that fosters collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. Participants from different backgrounds and traditions will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue, exchange knowledge, and challenge preconceived notions. This diversity of perspectives enriches the conference experience, creating a space for intellectual growth and mutual learning.

Teachers, Leaders, Experts, and Practitioners

Bruce H Lipton, PhD

Leader in bridging spirit and science (awaiting confirmation)

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Author and Founder of The Chopra Foundation (awaiting confirmation)

Robert Lanza

Medical Doctor and Scientist (awaiting confirmation)

David Chalmers

Philosopher and Professor of Philosophy and Neural Science (awaiting confirmation)

Elisabeth Benard, PhD

Professor of Religion emerita, Author

Rupert Spira

Spiritual Teacher, Author (awaiting confirmation)

Dr. Dennis McKenna

Ethnopharmacologist and Promoter and Supporter of Holy Plant (awaiting confirmation)

Dr. Rick Strassman

Psychiatrist and Author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2001) (awaiting confirmation)

Graham Hancock

Writer, Speaker and Supporter of Holy Plant Medicines (awaiting confirmation)

Dr. Benny Shanon

Professor of Psychology and Author of books on The Holy Medicine and The Holy and Divine Mother Ayahuasca (awaiting confirmation)

Alex Grey

Creator of art work depicting non-ordinary and other dimensional realities (awaiting confirmation)

Dr. Stanislav Grof

Psychiatrist and Researcher of non-ordinary states of consciousness (awaiting confirmation)

Swami Sarvapriyananda

Minister of the Vedanta Society of New York (awaiting confirmation)

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD

Professor of Medicine, emeritus, Author, Meditation Teacher (awaiting confirmation)

Sir James Mallinson

Indologist, a leading expert on the history of medieval Hatha yoga (awaiting confirmation)

Dr. Suzzane Newcombe

Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies (awaiting confirmation)

Dr. Karen O'Brien-Kop

Lecturer in Modern Asian Religions

Master Mingtong Gu

Qigong Master, Founder of Wisdom Healing Qigong and The Chi Center (awaiting confirmation)

Sharon Salzberg

Mindfulness Teacher and Author

Jack Kornfield

Meditation Teacher and Author (awaiting confirmation)

Tova Olsson

Yoga Teacher, Religious Scholar and Writer (Awaiting confirmation)

Marium Al Qassimi

Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Proponent of Unity Consciousness

Om Swami

Monk and Author (awaiting confirmation)

Sri Madhukarnath

Spiritual Guide and Founder of The Satsang Foundation (awaiting confirmation)

David Ross Komito

Professor of Asian Philosophy and Author (awaiting confirmation)

Dr. Golam Rabbani

Educator and Researcher of Baul Spirituality

Dr. M. Shobhana Xavier

Researches contemporary Sufism (awaiting conformation)

Dr. Rory Dickson

Specializes in Islamic Studies (awaiting confirmation)

Dolly Baruah

Founder of #RememberMeToo movement aiming to help communities of color with food, housing, employment, and education

Spring Washam

Meditation Teacher and Author (awaiting confirmation)

Dr. Stanley Krippner

Psychologist and Parapsychologist, writes extensively on altered states of consciousness (awaiting confirmation)

Dr. Gabor Maté

Renowned addiction Expert, Speaker and Author (awaiting confirmation)

Stephan V. Beyer, PhD

Writer and Speaker on Shamanism and Spirituality (awaiting confirmation)